Monday, 13 January 2014

The city

I have fallen in love. I'm in soo deep, that even if you could give me a JAG from up there, I still wouldn't be able to climb back out of this infatuation. I plan to move in with my one true love as soon as I'm old enough.
Oh the city *sigh* It's hard to explain my love for the city and why it makes me want to run back to it every opportunity I get. Its a certain atmosphere, a slight electric excitement that's held within the particles of the city air. 

Maybe its the weird and the wacky, the dingy thingy-ma-bobs and crazy hipsters and people of all shapes and sizes, the surroundings, the sounds, the music. It sort of...follows you. Actually it stalks you but it never grow tired of you, nor do you ever really get annoyed of its constant presence.

These were a new addition to the city. These little pianos were dotted around everywhere and anyone could come and play it. This guy was playing "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" And  that is my personal theme song....sooo I had to snap him

You can find these bike stations all over the city. You pay a few dollars and you can ride it where ever you want and return it back to the station. 

I know in movies and everything New York is the it city. The city with the buzz, the glory the glamour. Nah ah my friends. Melbourne. Melbourne is the city to be. New York, I am sorry to say, is far too overrated. Its a little too big for me...too dangerous let not forget. I guess I'm still suburban at heart, because I don't cope very well with anything waay too over the top. But Melbourne inner city has the perfect balance of everything I reckon. I know we don't have the Eiffel tower or the Statue of liberty, but we have the Eureka tower. I know we don't have Broadway, but we do have the Princess Theater, we have buskers doing all sorts of things from a man playing the Erhu to random little pianos scattered everywhere. We don't have Central Park, but we have the Royal Botanical Gardens and Southbank and Southwarf, not to mention Melbourne's renowned lain-ways and alley that are definitely not as creepy and dark and dank as the ones in movies. 

This guy plays every where. The instrument is called an Erhu
I don't know what this was called but it was so beautiful

The reason for this post is that on Sunday, mum, my lil sis and some close friends headed into the city and it was a gorgeous day. I took my camera along with me buut, I'm still getting used to it so my photography wasn't at its best hehe. I'm an amateur when it comes to photography, but what I love so much about it is that you can really capture the truth of something, its rugged nature, the roughness, the beauty, the colour, all in the way that they are. I know some people like to take photos because of the beauty of the image, but some of my photos aren't pretty at all, but I love the photo anyway because it 
really captures a certain theme. 

Oh I love him soo much! I see him everywhere, so I thought, I'd snap two photos of him! His wife is just as good too!

Flinders St Station
 It ended there, at the station, where we took the train home after a long day of walking and snapping and eating and squabbling. My feet have terrible blisters. And I would love to show you pictures of them, but unfortunately, my camera is charging at the moment :P hehehehe


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