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My Quest 

As a Sri Lankan teenage girl, living in a western society, life is as about confusing as it gets. I have set off on a long and painful quest to try and find my place within all of this randomnes, this crazy place which we call our world. So join me friends, and come with me while we explore the workings of this world, because from where we stand, the rain will always seem random, untill we decide to run through it, lie in it, dance in it and explore every single raindrop until it makes sense :)

A bit about me

  • Well, at the moment I am a fifteen year old girl. I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and have lived in New Zealand for 4
     years until we Moved to Australia. 

  • I do Bharathanatiam, a form of classical indian dancing, I swim with a local swim squad, I play netball, sing both Indian classical and western contemporary but if you do ever hear me in the shower, you know, because I am so awesome that you decide to stalk me to my house and catch me while I am showering, let me tell you that I am not musically talented.

  • I love to write. I love the things that you can do with words. With writing, humankind has been gifted with the ability to make words dance on paper, create stories and paint pictures. We can make Monalisa's out of meagre words, sentences, metaphors, similies and more 

  • I have a deep and meaningful relationship with food. But not the processed junk. I love real food. Food that is food, not made out of food. Food in its most simple and delicious form. Also I am a pescetarian. A vegetarian who eats fish. (It was my mum's only condition for me on becoming a vegetarian).

  • I am a strong feminist

  • I am wierd and proud of it! 

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