Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Holiday Blues

EEEEEEERRRGHHH. School starts next week. Do you know the worst part? Do you know what hideous thing that the teachers have done at our school? They're making us start on a FRIDAY! Who does that!? Who would even think of such a crime! I mean, after Monday and Tuesday even the calender is like "WTF?" hehe get it? Wed, Thur, Friday? BAHAHA okay that one wasn't mine, credit goes to a facebook meme.

Anyway, the point is I think I've got the end-of-holiday-blues. Now for those of you who have never experienced this, this is a feeling of utter melancholy.  Where you feel like you have done absolutely everything there ever was to do in your own home, where all the tv series that you were obsessing over the last few weeks have gone stale, where all your friends are busy and you're the only one not, and where, no matter how bored you are, you simply do not want to go back to school. Ok so I'm exaggerating. But only a tad!

The end of the holidays are coming to an end. And I don't want them to. I never used to be like this! By the end of the long holidays I'm always like "hurry up and finish already!" I've always wanted to get back to school. But all that's there for me is homework and work, and class work, and work in general.

So it's time for a rain check. I'm sure it's not healthy for me to be this flustered about school so much, so I'm going to think of a few positive reasons for going back to school

  1. I get to see my friends again!
  2. I get to meet my new teachers!
  3. I get to start my new electives! Theatre arts and Women and Literature! 
  4. I get to start going into the city again!
  5. I can wear my summer uniform now which means it wil take so much less effort getting ready in the morning
  6. No more ties!
  7. I'll get to start my extra curricular meaning I won't be such a couch potato!
  8. OMG IM GOING TO AFRICA AT THE END OF THIS YEAR * future blog post note
There, with so many exclamation marks, my eyebrows and facial muscles are already starting to hurt, buuut I do feel a bit better about going to school. Soooo yeeaaaa baby!

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