Sunday, 1 December 2013

Things I have picked up along my way...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhh! Its December! Wow already!? One year gone, flown past like another day.

I asked amma (mum) a few days ago whether the years feel shorter as you grow older. I always thought that, you know, when you grow older, you live through more years and I always thought that you would get used to the years flying by. Apparently not. I definitely haven't.  I will never grow tired of living a whole entire year. You learn, and pick up so many different things on your journey through it and sometimes we forget to reflect on those things. Over the span of this year, I have definitely picked up several different things, more than I can count so instead, what I thought I could do is I will show a few things from my room that I have picked up this year and tell you a bit about them and what I learnt from mere material things

maths papers: Trust me, I have learnt heaps from these. They look very messy, so I will not add a photo of them. And as much as I would love to teach you guys logarithm, I will pass. I have kept these in piles in and around my room because I just can't throw them out. No it's not because I don't want to or because I need them but because they are evil! I have a superstition that if I throw them out, they will curse me, jinx me and ruin and my academic life. So I have decided to keep them as a token of the violent battles that we have fought together this year :) yay

Nail polish: My athay (dad's sister, my aunty) used to be an Avon girl so she sent over a huge box of nail polish and the funny thing is, amma doesn't even let me use nail polish. They are cancerous. She insists. And this is also coming from the same person who thinks the sunscreen rather that the sun is what causes cancer. Actually, she could be right, I mean, the amount of artificial chemicals in either of those is not normal. Oooh, and the box is the one that comes with those really nice lollies from France. (My French teacher gave our class some and yet we still complain about her) What I learnt this year was that I need to stick to the naturals. Avoid harsh chemicals, stick to organics and treat your body the way that it's meant to be treated.

Socks: yup. Stripy socks, finger socks, white school socks, black school socks, anckle socks, sports socks.
here are my favourite socks :) I learnt that socks can actually make or break an outfit. Just chuck em on under a pair of high tops, strappy white sandals, boots ect.

My favourite woollen jumper and bag: I love these! I know that they may look a little granny like but it depends how you dress them up. Plus this year I began to develop a very unique quirky sense of style. The jumper I think is my favouritest thing in my wardrobe. Plus it smells really good for some reason and in spring, even when it was really warm, I still managed to use it by draping it all over me. Its the cat I never really had :) and I love the pattern on the bag.  I found these at an op - shop and I've worn them ever since. I learnt that op - shops are a very good reservoir of all sorts of clothes and caters for my very special needs :D aaaand that they are very beneficial for the environment because they recycle old and used clothes that would otherwise be thrown into the skip. note: op - shops are very cheap from $1 - around $50 and most of the clothes are branded so you can tell your friends that you bought that Armani dress for only $12 ;)

Mes sandales: Me and most of my heels have a love hate relationship. I love them because they look soo pwetty and I hate them because they make my feet hurt and in all honesty are useless because I'm tall anyway. That was until I found these. They are soooo comfortable! I swear! And you just simply slip em on aaand the heels aren't that high. Win win.

My necklace: It's one of my ultimate favourites. It's so easy to put on and it goes with anything. I love the colour too. Also, my dad bought my sister and I one each from Argentina. (she has the browny orange colour that I sometimes steal)  I learnt that blue and green are my favourite colours.

My other necklace and my garland: My friends and I have a thing called the family. We all have brothers, sister, parents, uncles aunts, grandpas and all and of course I am their pet elephant. One of my best friends gave this one to me for my birthday.

My little garland: Aww, I love my friends. I had a small picnic in the park for my birthday and they thought instead of a party hat, they'd get me this. I learnt that my friends are my life. Each and every single one of them are like an individual colour of nail polish. I know I sound superficial but hear me out. Each is a different colour that I go for depending on what mood I'm in, whether I need a little cheering up, a little confidence boost, or just something to brighten up my day. I love my friends. (I have a bottle of nail polish in front of me so if you're wondering how I came up with that....)

Cherries in the snow: As delicious as that may sound it is actually my favourite lipstick. Actually I don't have many to choose from...precisely 2. But I like the Revlon Creme 440 it because it's a bright frosty, slightly lighter that cherry red, lippy and I think it is me. What I learnt this year was that I am growing braver by the day. Brave enought to catch public transport on my own. Brave enough to face new challenges ( I'm part of a social service group that is going to Africa next year), brave enough to be myself, brave enough to do so many new things that I never thought I could do before this year, like wearing bright pink lippy.

I learnt so many new things this year, and I'm soo glad that I could share these with you people : D :D
The end.

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