Saturday, 7 December 2013

My three very simple goals over summer

The holidays are nearly there. Well they are sort of here but our school decided to have 3 days of activities next week soo...its nearly here. We've even put up a christmas tree this year.
Oops, I went off track. What I'm trying to say is that with the holidays coming up, I need to set a few simple goals. We get a holiday of around 2 months! What am I going to do?

Things that I must do over the holiday

1. I must learn to cook..duh duh duuuuuuhh...CURRY. Yes, I am a Sri Lankan girl and I still don't know how to cook proper curry food. I prefer to assemble things on a plate. Like you know..a piece of toasted bread here, some salad there, add in some chickpeas. But no! These school holidays I am actually going to learn to cook curry. Dahl curry (lentil curry) fish curry, varrai ( this is a type of salad where you chop up your greens into very small pieces and toss them with cumin seeds and coconut and other stuff...which I have to learn of). Now curries are often very much overcooked and this goes slightly of my ethical eating moral soo imma get amma's help because she knows how to cook the healthy way.

2. I'm going to go to the gym. I know we all say it but this time I think I actually will! My sister has a friend, whose mum has become my mum's now..we are all friends! Yay! She is a lovely lady who agreed to take me to the gym on Mondays and Tuesdays so now I'm really excited :D

3. Right. So at the moment it seems like I'm only posting on my blog once a week. It's getting there. So during the holidays I'm going to increase that to 3 times a week. I'll start of with 2 and then I'll take it to three. Especially because it's the holidays I may actually get some thinking time to ...think I guess and come up with better ideas.

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