Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Space. Dark, unknown, formidable and devoid of all the things that we take comfort in. For example, breathable air,cute fluffy toys, music, edible food, boy bands, snuggies, warm soup. You get the idea. I mean, did you know that all stars, planets and other thingumabobs seen out there today by telescopes, only make up 4 percent of the universe? The other 96% is Dark Matter. And I'm not sure about you, but when I think of the word "dark", synonyms often include "dreary, foreboding, bleak, evil, mysterious". All of those words send shivers up my spine. But do you know whats the most unsettling thing about the Universe? Have you ever asked yourselves "where does it all end?". Have you ever really tried to consider the boundaries of the Universe?

Now I'm sure astronomers find the thought of there being no end to Space quite assuring. A scientist would never fear the thought of their job running dry, because there is just so much to find, so much to see, so much to do with the universe in the short period of their minusculous lives. However, unlike scientists, I find this idea utterly confusing. It is like trying to get your brain around one of those brain teasers that never really have a proper answer. Trying to imagine a thing that has no end, no boundaries no fence, confuzzles my brain beyond the point of utter confuzzlement.

I think it may stem from the fact that all my life, I've always had boundaries in place, both physically and mentally. Other than this, I've never been presented with anything that does not have an end, or at least a single threshold. My bedroom has always had a wall, my house has always had a fence. The state that I live in has both political, and geographical boundaries. Australia itself is surrounded by a mass of water. If we want to take it further, we can say that we live on earth, which is part of the Milky Way, which is part of something else and something else,...but then what? There is just nothingness. Or in other words "dark matter", or just unexplored places. It goes on forever, and ever, and ever. There is nothing beyond that point. Because my mind has never really been confronted with such a thought before in it's short little life, it's just such a hard thing for me to come to terms with!

Another thing that scares me is, what if you get lost out there!? It is so far away from civilisation. I could never ever be an Astronaut. I would constantly be paranoid about there being a " Huston, I think we have a problem" scenario. There is just such a thin tiny invisible electromagnetic connection with an Astronaut and the Earth. What if something goes wrong and than connection is gone! I'm sure with the technology we have now, someone would come to get us sooner or later, but just imagine the panic you would have to endure! All by your lonesome, out there, somehwere. Oh gosh. This is quite depressing. I promise, I'm not usually like this.  I will stop now. The thing is, I am scared of space. There. I said it.

There is and unusual piece of insight for you. Perhaps I just confuzzled something that didn't ever confuzzle for you in the first place. I just wanted to see if any of you have felt the same way. Or maybe it's just me being my weird self again.

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