Monday, 17 February 2014

Avobanana Smoothie Bowl

Oh guess what guys? I'm so excited! Don't you just love the feeling of excitement!? That wondrous feeling you get when you seem to have found something new and interesting and extremely awesome? So what is it that I have discovered?


A smoothie....THATS IN A BOWL!

I think smoothie bowls are great because those of you who are on a smoothie diet may get a little tired of the ever consistent texture or the flavours that get mushed together. With a smoothie bowl, you can have the extraordinary flavours from the smoothie, plus the added textured and some bursts of flavours.

Gosh, I feel like I'm doing a T.V ad or something promotional.

Anyway, a smoothie bowl is a slightly thicker version of a smoothie so you can eat it in a bowl and sprinkle some added goodies on top, such as nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, powders,

Last night, we got back from a house party really late and our school swimming carnival was this morning. I managed to get a maximum of probably 5 hours sleep and I also forgot to wash off my mascara properly so I woke up with my eyelids sore and stuck together, further adding onto the feeling of groggy sluggishness in the morning. I needed a good, clean, healthy energy boost that would last me until mid morning. So what did I make for myself for brekkie? A SMOOTHIE BOWL!

Mum had bought some avocados after a long long time, (they're finally coming back into season here) so I decided to make and avocado, banana, kale smoothie bowl. Please be aware that for the toppings, you can actually just chuck in whatever pleases your taste. Of course not everyone has some spare Acai powder or goji berries lying around the house. Any seed, nut, dried, fresh fruit combo will do. This recipe serves 2

Avobananale Smoothie Bowl


1 avocado
2 bananas
1 leaf kale
a small handful of green apple or some dates (this depends on how sweet you want it to be)
1/2 a lemon
goji berries
acai powder
hazelnuts (any other sort of nut will do)
chia seeds


  1. Destem the kale and pop into the blender
  2. Add the banana leaving a portion for the topping, as well as the avocado into the blender with the lemon and green apple/dates
  3. blend until until smooth and creamy
  4. transfer into two bowls
  5. slice some banana and crush some hazelnuts( or substitute) and sprinkle over
  6. Add the toppings of your choice and serve

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