Saturday, 12 October 2013

Just a few thoughts of my own

This just happens to be one of those moments where I'm sitting staring at my screen and nothing seems to be popping up.

Well don't get pissed, it just so happens that my life isn't as interesting as you thought it was. Buuut because I made a New Term resolution about writing in my blog at least once a week I am going to jot down a few thoughts of my own, just a few random things about me an my thoughts. (This is apparently called proactive writing and I am a very proactive person :) 

  • Numero uno: you do not have the right to complain about the weather unless it is spring in Melbourne. I know, I know, there are those of you out there living in places where the sun doesn't come out for half the year, and I know that there are those of you who live somewhere where it reaches around 50 something degrees Celsius. But the thing is, if I asked you guys " is it hard? Don't get get so extremely cold? how come you don't have frost bite?/ Don't you get so extremely hot that you begin to sizzle!? Dehydrate? Well, you're most likely to say that you're used to it. But if you asked us "gee how can you stand Melbourne weather!?"... I can't exactly say that I am "used to it" because that's the thing! Melbourne weather is so inconsistent! The sun is that precious little gift that you receive on your birthday, only to have it stolen away by some school yard bully. And that bully is you Melbourne Weather! We just had 2 whole weeks of beautiful spring weather. Ahh don't you love the smell of spring air? Well anyway, today I chucked on a pair of shorts and went out to this...
Numero Due: It is a Hindu religious festival called navarathiry right now where we spend 9 days celebrating the diferent incarnations of lord Durga. YAY! I know that I'm supposed to me immersing myself in the religious teachings of this festival and being all holy and spiritual but all I can think about right now is the pot full of sweet rice pudding being boiled in the kitchen.

Numero Tre: I like apples and have eaten too many this week. Yea apples are good for you, but they apples that aren't organic have so many yuck stuff on the skin and this "yuck stuff tends to build up in your system.  Also I'm going to tell you guys a huge secret. Like MASSIVE SECRET! And you have to promise me my friends that you will not judge. I never used to wash my apples......I feel like I have a whole nation or "icides" (refer to post about pescatarianism) going on in my intestines, and its No no, don't worry, I've started washing them now :)

Numero quattro: I have a maths test tomorrow on graphs, polynomials and logarithm. We were allowed a sneak peak on Friday and since then I haven't been getting much sleep. Not because I've been up studying, but because I've been up worrying about how I should be studying but really not.

Numero Cinque: I ate too much today. My stomach is exploding( it always is).! The thing is, I love food so much, that I want the experience of tasting food in my mouth to last as long as possible. But unlike normal people where I savour every bite and eat really slowly, I end up stuffing my face and taking more. I will repeat again

AAAND that's all my friends. Tata bye :)

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