Monday, 20 May 2013

Curse Of the Blue Sari

Yes, the time has come for this little Lankan lady to wear a sari. Ugh! Yea, all you people look at all the lovely sequined sari's and think "oh! so beautiful!". But all my cousins back in Sri Lanka are looking at pictures of above-the-knee cocktail dresses shamelessly thinking "dayam, maybe I could just use my sari and make it into one of those things".

 I do bharatanatyam, a form of classical Indian dancing, and from as long as I could remember, I would just sit there like the naive little kid I was in my plain Salwar uniform and watch the senior girls dancing in their colourful sari uniforms. I yearned for the day that I would be given a neatly pressed Sari material. Once I was seen with one on, I would be considered a "big girl". It's a sort of coming of age thing I guess.

Anyway, a few months ago, my dance teacher brought back a nicely pressed blue Sari dance uniform from India and when she handed it to me, I held it as if it were made of glass. I held it lightly, as if it were something magical that withheld some unimaginable power. I held it as if this thin sheet of material was my right of passage to the "big girl world". I took it home and placed it very gently on top of my desk. And it sat there...for three months.

Last night was the first time I tried it on. The first thing I thought, five minutes into starting to pleat "OMG! how on earth am I supposed to do this!? The pleats at the front go in one direction the the pleats across your chest go in another, then you have to tuck the bloody damn thing into so many different places you look like your 5 months pregnant!

But hallelujah, After 2 hours of trying to figure the thing out, I did it! All by myself! No help what so ever! Dancing in it was a whole other issue though.

Nevertheless, I'm soooo proud of my self


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